Monthly Archives: July 2021

More info about the new season, including a “Member Information Form”

Dear friends, 

I hope that by now you have all read the great news that we – the Medford Community Chorale and Youth/Young Adult Chorus – have received approval to return to in person rehearsals  on September 8th!  I can’t wait to begin preparing for a LIVE Christmas/holiday concert on December 12th! 

Over the course of the summer, I will be sending out practice materials for our concert pieces, so you can begin to familiarize yourselves with the music, giving us a “leg up” in September! 

Also, in order to help me prepare for September and update my files, I have included a link (below) to a member information form.  If any of your contact information has changed since November 2019 – or if you have never filled one out! – I would be most appreciative if you could please complete and return this form to me at your earliest convenience. 

Member Information Form – Medford Community Chorale.docx

Although we will miss our “long distance” friends, I am so looking forward to our coming back together again! 

In the meantime, enjoy the summer, and try to keep cool! 

Thanks so much,